about me

Working as an independent designer now for 7 years. I create visual identities, campaigns, websites, books, illustrations and pitches.

who do I work for?

I have a bunch of own clients, but also work on agency side. See the clients page for an overview of these clients and agencies.


Being independent gives me the freedom to pick projects I like best. It also allows me to work on not-so-profitable projects like charities and a “Childrens Story Company” I co-founded, called MoodyDoodle.

how I work

The best part of my job is helping companies & products shape their identity. I help shaping these identities by fascilitating “identity workshops”. These workshops take about 2-4 hours and help the entrepreneurs with visualising and shaping their elevator pitch. Besides; these workshops give me a ton of information to help me create a compelling and fitting identity. A true win-win situation.

what I love about agencies

Being in a team and constructing pitches, presentations and projects I would never be able to realise when working by myself. Every agency has it’s own motto, DNA and insights. Working with the teams, teaches me a lot on these insights and help me shape a clearer vision of what graphic communication should be about.


For most projects I work together with specialists within my network. These specialists vary from marketeers, strategists, photographers, copy writers, web-developers and interior designers.


Curious about me in real life?
Contact me and we could have a cup of coffee, or maybe even a beer.